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Why choose a REC?

Deciding which recruitment agency to work with is often a difficult and always a significant business decision.
A good agency can add value to your recruitment process by;

  • Introducing you to strong candidates you otherwise could not have found
  • Informing and strengthening your recruitment strategy
  • Guiding you through the interview and hire process
  • Helping you to think creatively about how to fulfill your requirements

Don't forget, a poor choice of recruiter can damage your brand and your business.

Member agencies are regularly, independently inspected so you can be sure that their basic practices have been approved as safe and legal and they also sign up to a code of practice, mandating that they must live up to the principles of;

  • Respect for Laws
  • Respect for Honesty and Transparency
  • Respect for Work Relationships
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Respect for Safety
  • Respect for Professional Knowledge
  • Respect for Certainty of Engagement
  • Respect for Prompt and Accurate Payment
  • Respect for Ethical International Recruitment
  • Respect for Confidentiality and Privacy
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